About Us

Clean Squad Australia is Perth’s premier residential and commercial cleaning company. With a fine eye for detail, a good understanding of industry demands, and experience handling any cleaning job, Clean Squad Australia is your to-go company in any situation. As the leading cleaning company in the Perth metropolitan area, we base our success on a few core principles that we enthusiastically endorse:

Commitment: We are dedicated to offering superior cleaning services that meet your requirements and fulfil your unique needs. We promise to professionally clean your space, and make it neat and comfortable in no time!

Reliability: Our fairness in dealings is what sets us apart from competing cleaning companies, and our reliability shines through our impeccable cleaning services. We strive to fulfil your needs beyond expectations, and we have the initiative, industry knowledge, and staff to ensure that every job is done well.Serviceability: Whether you need domestic or commercial cleaning, our squad of experts is here to assist you. From regular housekeeping to carpet cleaning, window cleaning, spring cleaning or office cleaning, we offer a range of services that conveniently accommodate the needs of every home or business owner.

Quality: Clean Squad Australia is dedicated to superior customer service. Need something that you don’t see on our cleaning checklist? Want us to pay special attention to an area or surface in your home or office? We’re happy to customise a cleaning plan to suit your specific needs whenever you need that something extra and make your experience as pleasurable and satisfactory as possible.

Services We Offer

Residential: If cleaning or housekeeping is at the bottom of your priority list, you can confidently rely on Clean Squad Australia to do the job for you. We have thorough cleaning systems that allow us to address any corner or crack in your home, cleaning everything from floors to bathrooms and windows in no time. With us, your home can become a clean, safe and comfortable place for your family again!

Commercial: As the top cleaning services provider in Perth, we offer business owners an array of commercial cleaning services that can give their offices a clean and fresh appearance. Clean Squad Australia can help you maintain your work space and offer a professional work environment to meet clients and do business.


“These guys know what they’re doing. They left my office sparkling of cleanliness! Highly recommended!” Dave P. “I didn’t expect my home to be so clean and neatly organised! Clean Squad Australia did a wonderful job – the air is fresher, and my carpets look as if they’ve never been stained. Thank you!”Cheryl E.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

Clean Squad Australia is here to promptly respond to any inquiries and professionally assist you in making your home or office a better place. Please call us today at 08 6113 1824 and request a free price quote!